Meet Our 2016 Brightest Teacher

Markeda Brown

Ms. Markeda Brown is a first grade teacher from Patrick Henry Elementary in Alexandria, VA and our Brightest Teacher of 2016. Her entries showed how much of a bright light she is to her family, peers and every student she encounters.

Ms. Markeda Brown alongside Bright Mind, Maria Gavin of Kindercraze

She was born to teach and lives her purpose out loud and in bright colors.

– Nomination by Markeda’s Sister, Dara


When the Astrobrights team arrived, it was a scene many teachers know all too well; she had her belongings in the middle of the room to prep for the summer with freshly waxed floors.


After a few days of really hard work, the Astrobrights team left behind a renovated classroom full of color, new classroom materials and supplies to start off Ms. Brown’s 2016-2017 school year, brightly.

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(as told by Maria of Kindercraze)